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3 Reasons Why Fast Bail Bond Service Is Important to Defendants?

Bail bonds written by licensed agents are designed to keep Dekalb County defendants out of jail until their court dates. Bond agents guarantee the courts that their clients will make all necessary appearances and, in exchange, clients pay them a percentage of the bail amounts. Clients who are released from jail have the freedom to work on their defenses. In addition, 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Dekalb County save clients money, help them keep their jobs and remove them from potentially harmful environments.

Getting Arrested Is Expensive

24 Hour Bail Bonds in Dekalb County save defendants many of the costs associated with arrests. Clients usually only pay bond companies 10% of the bail amount set by the courts. That means that if a judge sets bail at $10,000, the client would pay $1,000 to be freed. Quick release saves them the cost of jail expenses. Inmates are required to pay for soap, deodorant, shirts, underwear and any meals other than the very basic ones served by jails.

Staying in Jail Impacts Employment

Bail bond agents also help their clients hold onto their jobs. If inmates had to wait to gather the entire amount of bail, many would lose their jobs. Bond agents are on call 24/7 and in many cases can get clients freed so quickly that few people are even aware that they were incarcerated. Many never miss a day of work. Bond companies understand how important this kind of efficiency is, so they make it very simple for clients to reach them via sites like visit us website. It is easy for inmates or their family members to Browse the Website and find emergency numbers and an explanation of the bond process.

Jails House Every Type of Inmate

Agents also provide a speedy bail bond process in order to keep clients safe from potential harm. A jail typically holds inmates who have been arrested for many different reasons. As a result, a person who is awaiting trial for a DUI might share space with rapists, thieves and murderers.

Companies that write bail bonds get their clients out of jail as quickly as possible and reduce the costs associated with their arrests. Speedy releases allow clients to hold on to their jobs and often remove them from dangerous situations.

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