3 Simple Reasons Why You Need a DWI Lawyer

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Lawyers

No one sets out to be arrested while driving under the influence. All it takes is one moment of poor judgment to create this type of event. Rather than trying to deal with the matter alone, it makes sense to seek the services of a San Antonio Texas DWI lawyer. Here are three examples of what the right lawyer can do for you.

The Lawyer Can Properly Evaluate Every Aspect of the Case

Expect the San Antonio Texas DWI lawyer to ask a lot of questions. If there was anyone else in the vehicle or there were people who saw what took place, the lawyer will want to talk with them too. Some minor detail that seems insignificant to you could make a difference in your case. In the effort to defend you, the lawyer will ensure nothing is overlooked.

The Legal Counsel Understand the Laws That Apply

You may have a broad understanding of the DWI laws in Texas, but your lawyer knows them inside and out. That’s to your advantage, since there may be some law or legal precedent that is particularly relevant to your case. Tapping into that bank of knowledge and using it as part of the defense may be all it takes to reduce the charges or at least provide the judge with a reason to be lenient.

The Lawyer Will Know if Proper Procedure Was Followed

Did the arresting officer follow proper procedure? Was there a valid reason for pulling you over or otherwise approaching you while you were behind the wheel? You can bet that the San Antonio Texas DWI lawyer will look closely at every action taken by the officer. If the proper procedure was not followed and your rights were violated, that may be grounds for dismissing the charge.

If you are facing charges of driving while under the influence, legal help is essential. Contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez today or visit https://www.jessehernandezlaw.com/ to schedule an appointment. Doing so ensures that you have legal counsel that will seek to protect your rights and work toward the best possible outcome.

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