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4 Things to Do After Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt

Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt can cause severe and lifelong injuries. Because of the massive size of these trucks, an accident can cause brain injuries, amputations, burns and even death. A catastrophic injury can subject a victim and his or her family to serious financial difficulties due to lost wages and medical bills. A truck accident lawyer can defend the victim’s rights and get them the compensation they deserve. To help the client help themselves, below are a few things to do after a truck accident.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety and Call 911

Trucks are very heavy, and collisions carry a tremendous amount of force. Involved parties’ health and safety should be the top priority, and drivers should take steps to keep everyone safe. If someone is injured, call 911 right away.

Call the Police

When the police come to the scene, tell them what happened as accurately and truthfully as possible. Some injuries aren’t readily apparent, and if someone isn’t sure whether they are hurt, it’s better to tell the police that than it is to say everything’s OK. Remember to get information about the officer and his or her precinct, as it will make it easier for an attorney to get a copy of the police report.

Exchange Information With the Other Driver

This is an area where car and truck accidents differ significantly. These days, trucking companies often have a pre-assembled accident kit that includes a printed report, driver instructions, and a camera. In most cases, truckers have a direct line of communication with a supervisor who can tell them how to act after an accident. Because of this, victims should be on guard for their actions and answers.

Call an Experienced Lawyer

If a person is injured, it is important to them or a family member to call an attorney who handles Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt. A personal injury attorney can perform a thorough investigation, get the necessary paperwork and ensure that it’s filed correctly. These services can allow a victim to focus on recovering their health without worrying whether their rights are protected. Call the Jaklitsch Law Group today to set up an initial consultation with a trucking accident attorney.

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