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A Case That Involves Family Law in Rochester MN Needs An Experienced Attorney

When someone’s contemplating a divorce, filing for custody of their child, or applying for child support, or any other situation that involves family law in Rochester MN, they should speak with an experienced attorney. These types of cases can become very difficult to get through if an individual doesn’t have an attorney representing their interests. In addition, a family law attorney can help with modification of court orders, prenuptial agreements, property settlements, orders for protection, paternity, and harassment restraining orders. All of these situations can result in the participants’ emotions running high, and an attorney will be caring and compassionate throughout the case.

Orders for Protection

If an individual is being abused by another family member such as a current or former spouse, parents, children, persons related by blood, individuals who have lived together, or parents who have a child in common, they should speak to an attorney about receiving an order for protection. This order can remove the abuser from the home, keep them a set distance away from the victim, and provide another tool for protection against the abuse. An order for protection is different than a harassment restraining order.

Harassment Restraining Order

This type of order can prevent further harassment, order the other individual to stop contacting someone, and allows the police to arrest the individual if they violate the order. A victim does not have to report the harassment to the police in order to get a restraining order. Unlike an order for protection, the victim does not have to know or even be related to the individual who’s harassing them.


In certain divorce cases, domestic violence can happen when one spouse attempts to leave the other. An attorney who’s experienced with Family Law in Rochester MN can help the individual work through this difficult situation and receive the protection they need. If domestic violence occurred during the marriage, it’s important to let the attorney know so they can protect the individual.

Family law cases can proceed smoothly or they can become very confrontational. Child custody, property settlements, and determination of alimony can all result in angr or hurt feelings. It’s very important to have an attorney who will keep you focused on the legal aspects of the case and protect your interests. For more information, please Click Here.

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