A Criminal Defense Firm in Rockville Centre NY, Will Fight For Your Freedom

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Lawyers

If you’ve been arrested for a crime, getting the best possible outcome on your case begins with an outstanding criminal defense firm in Rockville Centre NY. Remaining in jail for a crime you didn’t commit or being arrested unlawfully can destroy someone’s life. A defense firm works hard to prove your innocence and will explore various choices for a defense. If you’ve been stopped by the police, you do not have to answer questions. You should, however, identify yourself. Any other questions you answer could lead to arrest, even if you’re innocent.

Criminal charges could include prison time, house arrest, large fines and a criminal record that could last a lifetime. Criminal charges can include:

  *      DUI. This type of charge can limit someone’s driving ability when they lose their license. It will increase their insurance rates and can result in prison time. Each subsequent offense penalty will become harsher.

  *      Theft could involve the physical removal of an item or writing checks that do not have sufficient funds to cover the check. A theft conviction on someone’s criminal background check could prevent an individual from obtaining any type of employment.

  *      Domestic violence and assault. There is a fine line between these two criminal charges. Domestic violence charges can be filed in both criminal and civil courts. In either case, these charges should be defended aggressively.

Any type of misdemeanor or felony can have devastating results without the assistance of an experienced criminal defense firm in Rockville Centre NY.

If you’re placed in jail, do not discuss the case with other inmates or over the telephone with friends or family. Telephone calls from jail are recorded and can be used against you in the court of law. Information told to another inmate can be leaked to law enforcement and given to the prosecution.

A defense firm can represent someone in post-conviction issues, extradition, probation violations and any other criminal charge. Simon & Milner can evaluate the situation and evidence of the case and utilize their legal knowledge and skill to determine if you were arrested lawfully, along with the best defense for your case.

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