Actions to Avoid During a Battle Over Child Custody in Dayton OH

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Legal Services

Lawyers representing clients battling for child custody in Dayton OH can become very frustrated when those parents do things to undermine their case. In a contentious divorce, acting impulsively and emotionally can be tempting, but it also can lead to long-lasting negative consequences. Attorneys with a firm such as Albert & Krochmal can advise clients on behaviors to avoid during this time, as well as afterward to prevent future issues. Visit for information on this organization.

One action that attorneys often see in today’s digital world is the use of social media to cause trouble for the other parent. Lawyers representing clients in the matter of Child Custody in Dayton OH would just as soon see those individuals stay off social media altogether while the case is ongoing. First, there is no guarantee the ex-spouse cannot discover what the person has been posting. They may have mutual acquaintances on the platform, even if they are not directly connected there. Parents involved in a custody battle should also forbid people to take their photos in any social situations that could be misconstrued or portrayed in a negative light. One picture of a parent holding a glass of beer can do significant damage when the other parent is seeking any effective strategy to gain primary or full custody.

Another problematic behavior is not being responsible with the kids in regard to their school time. When the parent in question has visitation or custody time with a child, the other parent may carefully watch for incidents such as the youngster being brought to school late or missing school altogether. If the child routinely does poorly on assignments or doesn’t complete homework while staying with that parent, this can be used as evidence of irresponsible or ineffective parenting.

Becoming involved in loud and especially violent arguments with the other parent is one of the worst things that can happen. An ex-spouse who goes to the other parent’s residence and starts yelling or damaging property out of rage stands a significant chance of losing primary or even shared custody. The opposing attorney can present this individual as unstable and dangerous.

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