An Experienced Texas Lawyer Can Help You Through the Lemon Law Process

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Law Firm

Purchasing a new car typically requires a serious financial investment. When you purchase a vehicle, you expect it to be safe and to function for several years. If you get a car in Texas and that car meets the standards for being a lemon, there are legal procedures that can protect you. A Texas Lemon Law attorney can help you understand not only the federal protections offered but also the laws that are specific to the Lone Star State.

Lemon Laws are customer protection laws. They provide a level of safety for customers when they purchase defective products. If you buy or lease a vehicle that is defective and it continues to be defective after several attempts to repair it have been made, then you have certain legal rights to protect your time and your money.

Your Texas Lemon Law attorney can help you interact with manufacturers to make sure that they either repair the vehicle, refund you the money spent, or give you a comparable replacement car.

Dealing with a lemon is frustrating. Because of this frustration, some people try to settle the case themselves by talking with the manufacturer’s customer service center. This rarely resolves anything. It is best to have the backing, experience, and protection of an experienced lawyer helping you as you go through the Lemon Law process.

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