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Are You Dealing with a Wrongful Termination?

Getting kicked out of a job is a terrible experience that hopefully you or your loved ones will never encounter. But if you were fired for an unlawful purpose such as standing up for your rights, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation and potentially your job. The remainder of this article will list a few signs that should cause you to consider hiring a wrongful termination attorney focused on helping employees in Long Beach, CA, and the surrounding region.

Your Employer Retaliated Against You

If you reported any wrongful activities witnessed at work and fired shortly after making the complaint, you may be the victim of a wrongful termination according to the CheatSheet. Also, if you filed a worker’s compensation claim and terminated for seeking the medical assistance that you are legally entitled to pursue, it is quite possible that you were unlawfully fired.

Your Employer Discriminated Against You

If you were fired because of your religion, gender, citizenship status or race, then your employer violated the Fair Employment & Housing Act and/or federal law. After filing the requisite claim with the Department of Fair Employment & Housing and/or the EEOC, you likely have grounds to pursue an administrative claim. If you have no other reason for getting fired—you work hard, you’re good at your job, and your clients love you—then discrimination may be the answer particularly if there is direct or circumstantial evidence supporting your position.

Your Disability or Perceived Disability Caused Your Termination

An employer cannot fire an employee based on his or her disability provided that they are otherwise qualified to perform a job. For instance, your employer cannot terminate you because your medical records reveal that you have a higher risk of breast cancer. If your employer takes such an unlawful action, contact an experienced employee rights attorney today.

Getting Help

Look for a lawyer to help you. An experienced attorney can provide you with the legal expertise you need. Also, complicated employment laws and terms can make it difficult for you to understand what’s going to happen. That’s where good legal help comes in.

Why you need an Attorney

By consulting with and ultimately hiring an attorney, you will have a much better understanding of your claim and significantly improve the likelihood of success. Experienced employment lawyers are additionally quite skilled in obtaining and marshaling the evidence necessary to prove your claim. Lawyers are also good at obtaining any evidence necessary to ensure a positive outcome in court. If you know and believe you have a claim against your current or former employer, it is critical to retain the right lawyer to preserve your rights is a very important first step.

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