Are You Seeking a Workers Compensation Attorney in Macon, GA.?

by | May 20, 2020 | Lawyers

In the state of Georgia, most employers must carry workers’ compensation. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. In this case, those exceptions extend to independent contractors or railroad employees. Unlike some states, domestic laborers can claim compensation too.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

When you talk to a workers compensation attorney in Macon, GA. he or she will further discuss the coverage. The coverage can include the following:

  *     Mental disorders, including panic attacks or post-traumatic stress syndrome
  *     Occupational conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or mesothelioma

Employers Can Defend Claims

The law in the state does not necessitate that an employee show that his or her injury was the fault of their employer. However, employers can still defend a claim and state that the employee hurt himself or herself intentionally.

Wage Replacement for Medical Expenses

You can obtain more details about the benefits by outlining the coverage with a workers compensation attorney. The state provides wage replacement for medical treatment costs. Wage replacement can come in different amounts for various terms. It just depends on the severity of the condition. While Georgia is an at-will state with respect to employment, a company cannot fire you if your disability or condition keeps you from working in your job.

What Happens When a Claim is Denied?

Many people who file workers compensation claims have to speak to a workers compensation attorney to file an informal dispute. This is done by filing a form that requests assistance. Often this takes place after a claim is denied. The claimant may also schedule a hearing with the help of his or her attorney.

Who to Contact

You can find out more about the specifics of workers compensation by contacting a law firm that is experienced in handling these types of claims. Set up an appointment with a firm like Edwards & Bullard Law Make sure you receive your rightful compensation.

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