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Are You Suffering From A Personal Injury In Rapid City?

When you or a loved one have been injured due to the negligence, intentional misconduct or restlessness of another individual, company or property owner, you may have the opportunity to file a claim. A lawyer who is experienced in personal Injury in Rapid City area can assess the merits of the case and offer legal advice. A personal injury lawsuit can compensate individuals due to someone else’s negligence. Every state has different personal injury laws, and that’s why it’s important to speak to an attorney in the state where the injuries occurred.

In South Dakota awards from a winning a lawsuit follows a pure comparative negligence system. This type of system may be very confusing because even if the injured person is 99% at fault, they could still receive financial compensation for the injuries they received. A jury or a judge will determine what the percentage of fault is for each person or party involved in the accident. After that is completed, they will determine the award according to the percentage they’re responsible for. If someone suffered $20,000 worth of personal injury damages but they were also 99% at fault for the accident, their financial award would be $2,000. Hiring an attorney to present a personal injury case in the appropriate light in the best way to obtain a favorable outcome.

In order to file a claim for Personal Injury in Rapid City, the claim must be filed before the statute of limitations expires. The time limit in South Dakota is three years to file a lawsuit. Missing important deadlines the court will require could ruin someone’s chance of winning their case. The experience of a Personal Injury lawyer can help from missing important deadlines that could jeopardize your case. Awards are often made for lost wages, pain, and suffering as well as medical bills. Injuries that are permanent in nature could be compensated at a higher level if the injured party needs medical treatment and care for the rest of their life. An attorney will assist with answering all of the questions an insurance company will ask after an accident has occurred. In addition, an insurance company will attempt to settle a claim as quickly as possible to limit the amount of money they may have to pay on a claim.

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