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Assessing The Reasons That Metro Accidents In Waldorf Occur

In Maryland, metro accidents account for hundreds of injuries each year. These methods of transportation are regulated by the Maryland Transit Administration. The administration is responsible for maintaining the train system and keeping it safe for passengers. In the event that an accident happens, the administration must launch an investigation to determine the exact cause. The following is an assessment of the reasons that Metro Accidents in Waldorf occur.

Fault Equipment Claims

Faulty equipment claims originate from accidents that occur due to erroneous parts used when repairing the trains. In these cases, the manufacturer who supplied the parts is liable for the accident. The Maryland Transit Administration evaluates the parts to identify the flaw. Once discovered, the documentation generated from the assessment can be used for legal claims.

Metro Conductor Claims

A Metro Accident in Waldorf could occur due to errors made by the conductor. These events indicate that the conductor was under the influence of drugs or alcohol in some instances. The findings of the investigation could also indicate that the conductor failed to follow proper procedures. The conductors are required to use signals when they are changing lanes and when oncoming trains are nearby. A failure to comply with regulations could result in a collision and lead to serious injuries.

Non-Compliance with Maintenance and Safety Regulations

Any findings that indicate that the train mechanics didn’t perform routine maintenance as outlined in safety regulations also makes the transit system liable. The administration must conduct an assessment to determine when maintenance is conducted and by who. The administration provides a schedule for these services, and all mechanics and technicians are required to follow it. A failure to comply leads to a liability. These steps include assessing the cables and rails along with the trains themselves.

In Maryland, metro accidents lead to serious injuries and fatalities each year. The Maryland Transit Administration is held accountable at any time that accidents occur. An investigation must be conducted, and the findings are reported according to state laws. Victims of a Metro Accident in Waldorf obtain legal assistance by hiring an attorney through the Jaklitsch Law Group.

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