Back-Injury Lawyers in Phoenix, AZ Help Clients Make a Full Recovery

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Lawyers

A back injury can include any incident that occurs in the upper, middle or lower portions of the back. They’re often accompanied by limited mobility and pain due to complex interactions between the nerve systems and the spinal column. These injuries occur along with neck and head injuries, and are typically considered serious as they can lead to other health problems. Read further to learn how back-injury lawyers in Phoenix, AZ can help clients become whole again.

Common Back-Injury Causes

Most back injuries are caused by physical trauma to the area. They often result from accidents such as slip-and-falls, motorcycle crashes, sports injuries, failed surgeries, or criminal actions by others. However, they don’t always arise from physical blows; many occur due to work-related repetitive strains. Common causes of these injuries include standing or sitting for long periods or repeatedly lifting heavy objects.

Recovering Damages

Clients may be able to receive damages because of work injuries, another’s criminal liability, or the negligent behavior of another person. If the other party’s actions were particularly tortious (intentional), the victim can file a claim in civil court. Back injury lawyers in Phoenix, AZ can evaluate a case’s specific circumstances and recommend the appropriate actionable cause.

Recovery of Costs

A person suffering a back injury can recover certain costs related to that injury, such as:

*     Medical bills for hospitalizations and pain medicines

*     Pain and suffering

*     Lost income if the injury keeps the person from working

*     Future income loss if the injury will keep them from returning to work for a long period

*     Additional costs for ongoing rehabilitation and chiropractic treatments

In some criminal actions, victims may be able to get punitive damages if their injuries were caused by another person’s criminal intent to cause harm.

Hiring an Attorney After Suffering a Back Injury

A back injury can be extremely difficult to handle. However, the victim may be able to recover financial losses related to the injury, and a personal injury attorney can help them file a legal claim. By hiring Garrison Law Firm, clients can successfully recover what they’ve lost and get on the road to recovery.

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