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Building A Criminal Defense In Cincinnati, OH

Criminal defendants must have confidence in their attorney. That is because the attorney must protect the defendant’s rights. Consequently, defendants confide in attorneys and the conversations are privileged. Indeed, attorneys have to know the “whole story” in order to build a defense. Likewise, some defendants need attorneys to get out of jail. Bond is not guaranteed for those accused of serious felonies. The attorney must file a bond motion to set a hearing. At the hearing, a judge listens to all the evidence and decides the bond question.

A Criminal Defense in Cincinnati OH is key to a defendant’s future. Indeed, many attorneys build a defense by focusing on alternative theories of the crime. The attorney may present the theory at the preliminary hearing. During this hearing, the prosecutor reads the charges against the defendant. Further, they give the judge a brief outline of the case. The judge must decide whether there is probable cause to hold the defendant. However, it is rare for charges to be dismissed at this level.

The defendant’s next appearance is likely at arraignment. The defendant must enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. In addition, the defense attorney and prosecutor get a chance to talk. The prosecutor may present a plea bargain offer at arraignment. The attorney is bound by law to inform the defendant of any offers. Likewise, the attorney informs the client whether the offer is a good one. Attorneys, like those at Engel & Martin, LLC, weigh the pros and cons of negotiated pleas. If the client does not take a deal, the attorney prepares for trial.

Attorneys who handle Criminal Defense in Cincinnati OH have investigators on staff. The investigators help prepare cases for trial. Their job is to interview witnesses and hopefully find new ones. The defense does not want any surprises at trial. Additionally, the attorney sifts through all the evidence and statements. If necessary, the attorney files motions to exclude the evidence. Usually, the court schedules a hearing on the motion. This critical work is all key to protecting the client’s rights. If you need legal help, visit website today. Do not go to court without representation.

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