Call A Slip and Fall Attorney in Reno NV

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Lawyers

Most people have heard of how some victims get huge settlements when they slip and fall in a place of business. Many of these stories aren’t what they seem but some of them are completely true. When visiting a place of business customers have a right to be reasonably safe from harm. This means that obvious hazards such as exposed wiring or wet floors should be addressed before a customer is present. The property owner has a responsibility to fix certain issues and make sure there is no hazard that could cause injury. Certain issues can’t be addressed and it’s up to the customer to make sure they stay safe. For example, if there is a small pond on the property it is up to the parents to keep their children away or monitor them around the pond.

In cases where hazards have not been reasonably addressed and the customer is injured, there is cause for legal action. Tripping and slipping on things is a common occurrence and not all slip and falls require legal action. If there is an injury the victim deserves to be compensated. With help from a slip and fall attorney in Reno, NV residents can be sure that their right to fair compensation is represented properly. Proper representation is often the key difference in cases that fail and those that result in fair compensation. When a slip and fall results in injury, the first thing the victim should do is call emergency medical services, immediately followed by a call to a Slip And Fall Attorney Reno NV residents can count on.

The victim will need to prove that the risk of harm was something the property owner could have prevented. If the risk was not reasonable and the injury was definitely caused by the accident, the victim will need to be compensated for damages. Being compensated doesn’t necessarily mean a million dollar settlement. Thanks to frivolous cases the process of proving a slip and fall case is much more complicated.

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