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How Can A Bail Bondsman In Atlanta Help?

In Georgia, criminal defendants can acquire a fast release from county lockup through a bail bond. The bail bond provides defendants with an opportunity pay a portion of their bail without facing financial hardship. A bail bond can prevent the criminal defendant from remaining in custody until their court date. The following is how a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta can help criminal defendants.

Attending the Arraignment

The bail bondsman can attend the defendant’s arraignment and help them. The bondsman can negotiate with the judge to reduce the defendant’s bail. If the defendant doesn’t have a previous criminal record, the bondsman could get the bail reduced to the lowest possible value.

Presenting a Bail Bond

The bail bondsman provides a bail bond after the defendant or their representative pays for it. The bail bond requires between 10 and 14 percent of the total bail value. The defendant or their representative must provide a pay via cash, check, or credit card. They could also use valuables as collateral. This includes real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and antiques that equate to the value of the bond value.

Managing the Release of the Defendant

The bondsman prepares documents for the bail bond and presents them to the court. The bond is presented to the correctional officers at the county jail to arrange the release. The defendant must go through out-processing and then they are released from the county jail via the bond.

A Failure to Appear

A failure to appear indicates that the criminal defendant didn’t arrive at their scheduled court date. The FTA is grounds for immediate arrest, and the judge issues a bench warrant for these purposes. This allows all law enforcement officers to arrest the defendant without probable cause.

In Georgia, criminal defendants acquire a release from jail by paying the bail or acquiring a bail bond. The defendant can acquire a bail bond when they cannot acquire the full bail value. They can acquire a bail bond through a local bonding agent by paying a percentage of the bail. Defendants who need to make arrangements with a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta can Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds right now.

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