Common Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney in Auburn, Indiana

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Attorneys

In Indiana, personal injuries are linked to a multitude of events which indicate a failure to protect the victim. The events could validate a legal claim filed by a victim based on the circumstances in which these injuries were produced. A personal injury attorney in Auburn, Indiana can answer questions about these cases that help victims seek a legal claim for compensation.

When Should a Victim Sign a Release for the Insurer?

A tactic used by auto insurance providers is to offer a victim a low-ball settlement and obtaining a signed insurance release from the victim. If the victim signs the release, they are accepting the settlement from the insurance provider and agreeing to stop all legal efforts to collect any additional funds.

Why Are Letters of Protection Used?

A letter of protection provides the victim with access to medical treatment by promising to repay the medical facility after the victim receives a monetary award in a lawsuit. This action can guarantee the victim receives all the medical treatment they will need according to the injuries they sustained. However, if the victim doesn’t receive damages in a lawsuit, they are responsible for paying these costs on their own.

How Is Negligence Defined in These Cases?

Essentially, negligence indicates that the defendant failed to provide a reasonable duty to the victim. This indicates that the defendant’s actions caused the victim’s injuries by failing to maintain a standard that would have kept the victim safe. This standard could apply to any instance in which a personal injury could occur.

Why Does the Attorney Need a Deposition from the Victim?

A deposition is basically verbal testimony obtained from the victim in reference to the accident or event associated with the victim’s personal injuries. This includes information about their injuries, their financial losses, and how the injuries have affected their lives.

In Indiana, personal injuries are managed through a variety of proceedings that are based on the cause of the injuries. The cases provide an option for collecting compensation from the responsible party. Victims who need to discuss these matters with a personal injury attorney in Auburn, Indiana can contact Yoder & Kraus P.C. right now.

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