Commonly Asked Questions To Direct Toward A Workers Comp Attorney In Melbourne, FL

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Social Security Attorney

In Florida, workers compensation provides coverage for employees who are injured while performing their job duties. These injuries require fast medical assistance. Through medical assistance, the doctors determine if the injuries will require them to remain out of work for a substantial amount of time. The following are commonly asked questions to direct toward a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL about what happens next.

Why Do Companies Need the Insurance?

Companies need worker’s compensation coverage when they hire more than two employees. Federal laws enforce these requirements to mitigate risks associated with running a business. The coverage provides benefits to lower the possibility of a lawsuit by providing the employees with what they need. Any employer who doesn’t acquire the insurance is in violation of the law.

How Does it Work?

The employer submits a claim through their insurer to acquire benefits. The insurer assigns a claim’s adjuster to review the employee’s injuries. They must determine if they qualify based on the type of injuries as well as the circumstances that produced it. The claim’s adjuster makes a decision and reports this decision to the employer.

How Can Insurers Deny Benefits?

If the worker was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, they are denied benefits. However, an insurer could also deny the claim based on policy violations as well. If the worker wasn’t wearing adequate footwear or protective gear, they are denied all benefits.

What Legal Actions Can Workers Take?

Workers can file an appeal to try to reverse this decision. They attend a hearing with their attorney before a judge. However, if this action isn’t successful, they need to consider a lawsuit. The lawsuit is filed against their employer as well as the insurer.

In Florida, workers compensation provides coverage for injuries that occur while workers do their job. The insurance is mandated by federal law for all employers who hire more than two workers for their business. The coverage is available to provide benefits for these workers. Employees who were victims of a denial contact a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL at Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille today.

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