Considerations Before Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Lawyers

A person who has been involved in a truck accident has the option to contact an attorney to help them with their case. Often, especially with more serious accidents, it will be beneficial as it can help them obtain the compensation they’re entitled to. There are a few things a person might want to think about to determine if hiring a truck accident attorney is the right option for them.

Will the Insurance Company Handle the Claim Adequately?
The person may put in a claim with their insurance company as it is the standard way to handle an accident; however, they will need to think about the settlement they’re offered before accepting anything. If they aren’t sure if the settlement is adequate, or if they do not believe they can think clearly while they are recovering from serious injuries, it might be a good idea to contact an attorney.

How Will the Attorney Be Compensated for the Claim?
The person will want to be sure the attorney they want to work with does so on a contingency basis. This means that they do not have to pay anything up front and the attorney will receive their fees as part of the settlement. If the person doesn’t receive the settlement, the attorney won’t be paid for the case. This way, the person doesn’t have to worry about affording a lawyer to help them.

Does the Attorney Have the Necessary Experience to Get Results?
Any attorney the person considers should have experience handling similar cases. The person will want to see that they have handled truck accidents in the past, not just the average car accident, as these can be very different depending on the details of the accident. They should also make sure the attorney has experience both in negotiations and in taking cases to court so they will be prepared for whatever happens.

These are just a few of the questions a person should think about before they hire a truck accident attorney to help them with obtaining compensation after their accident. If you’ve been in a truck accident and you have any questions about hiring a lawyer or you think you do need a lawyer, contact Dulaney Lauer & Thomas, LLP now.

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