A Family Law Firm In Fort Myers Will Help You Through Your Case

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Lawyers

Family law cases usually involve high emotions due to the subject of the case. Domestic violence, divorce, child custody, and child support are all tough situations to resolve. With the help of a family law firm in Fort Myers, an individual will receive the legal protection they need during this difficult time.

When an individual hires an experienced family law attorney, the attorney will protect the individual’s rights and attempt to negotiate an amicable arrangement. Limiting the amount of court time will help to reduce the number of attorney fees needed to settle a family law case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a frightening situation for victims of abuse. Protection from abuse can be achieved when a victim works closely with an experienced family law attorney to obtain an injunction for protection against the violence. Protection from abuse orders can be obtained that will prohibit:

  • Visiting certain locations where the victim is.
  • Remove weapons in the abuser’s possession.
  • Getting within so many feet of a victim.
  • Contacting the victim.

When an individual is arrested for domestic violence, they will not be released from jail until a bond hearing is held in front of a judge. Taking a plea deal is not always recommended because it can affect their right to possess guns and to maintain or obtain employment. A conviction of domestic violence or the domestic battery will increase the penalties for a conviction in the future.

Divorce/Dissolution Of Marriage

A divorce will be less frustrating when an individual hires a family law firm in Fort Myers. The attorney will help the individual establish or modify a parenting plan, child support, or divorce decree. An individual will have an easier time maintaining their lifestyle when they receive a fair dissolution of marriage.

An attorney will fight for an individual’s rights and will provide the legal answers an individual needs during this difficult time. When an individual receives the proper amount of alimony and child support, their lifestyle will be less interrupted.

The Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. has many years of experience working closely with individuals who have faced a family law case. Do not attempt to go through a divorce, child support, child custody, or domestic violence situation alone.

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