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Family Law in Green Bay, WI for the Legal Matters of Divorce

When a married couple gets divorced, it may considerably change the lives of the people involved. Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining. A lawyer for Family Law in Green Bay WI can mitigate the challenges faced in family legal affairs.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is a sum of money one divorced spouse gets from the other spouse for financial support after divorce. Depending on the circumstances, one spouse may not be in the position to financially support themselves. Spousal maintenance may be awarded under a set of conditions.

A judge decides how spousal maintenance is allocated and for how long. Some alimony agreements are arranged to give payments for a certain number of years. Usually, it is set up to have one year of payments for every three years of marriage. For example, if the couple was married for ten years, payments will last for three years.

A lawyer for Family Law in Green Bay WI can represent clients who are seeking alimony or those who feel they shouldn’t have to pay alimony. If both spouses are earning a significant income, alimony will probably not fit into the equation. For a person who is able-bodied but has no skills to obtain work with gainful income, alimony may last for a period of time. The judge may give the spouse receiving alimony a period of time to acquire skills and go to work.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support are highly divisive issues between many separated couples. Big problems may arise when both parents want full custody. The court must decide what is best for the children.

There are many things to consider when deciding how child custody and support is arranged. If both parents are fit to raise and financially support the children, the judge is likely to award joint custody. This way, the children can maintain a stable relationship with both of their parents. When one parent has sole custody, the other parent will be awarded regular visitation rights.

Child support is vital to the well-being of many children whose parents are divorced. The court will decide how much is paid in child support according to the parent’s ability to pay. Post-judgment modifications can be made at any time after a divorce. Modifications may be necessary when a person’s income or life circumstances change. Visit the Website to learn more.

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