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FAQs That a Criminal Law Attorney in Waxahachie, TX Can Answer

In Texas, criminal offenses are managed through trials, plea bargains, or admission of guilt, and all defendants have a right to a fair trial. The criminal penalty for these offenses vary according to the classification applied, previous criminal histories, and if additional factors apply. A criminal law attorney in Waxahachie, TX can answer frequently asked questions about these proceedings.

Why Do Domestic Violence Cases Become Complex?

Domestic violence cases are complex mostly because it is often hard to identify which party is the victim and which is the aggressor. Law enforcement is called to the scene and must make a sudden determination about these cases, and if the victim doesn’t take earlier action, they could accuse the wrong individual of this crime.

How Are Drug Charges Applied?

The defendant receives drug charges based on the quantity of the drug found in their possession, and this quantity determines if the charge is possession, trafficking, or distribution of a controlled substance. Additionally, the type of controlled substance found in their possession can play a role in these determinations as each drug has its own classification.

What Factors Determine the Punishment for Sex Crimes?

Typically, the type of offense and severity of it play a huge role in the penalties that are applied to a sex crime, and the age of the victim involved could increase the penalty to the maximum punishment available. If these crimes were committed in addition to other crimes, further penalties could also apply and lead to an increase in penalties. All individuals who are convicted of these crimes must register as a sex offender regardless of their crime.

Can DUIs Lead to Further Charges?

Yes, a DUI can lead to further crimes if the defendant causes an accident which results in a fatality. In these cases, the defendant could be charged with involuntary manslaughter or other related charges.

In Texas, criminal offenses incur serious penalties based on the crime and linking factors, and the state can apply penalties as they see fit. Criminal defendants who are facing these charges can contact a criminal law attorney in Waxahachie, TX through Mallios & Associates PC or visit the website right now.

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