Filing Medication-Related Lawsuits with an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Lawyers

In Maryland, medication-related injuries result from failures by doctors, pharmacists, and drug manufacturers. Their mistakes prove costly for patients and often result in permanent medical conditions or even fatalities. Recalls of dangerous medications appear in the media and inform medical doctors and staff of potential risks. An accident lawyer in Annapolis can help victims who were injured due to hazardous medications.

How Did the Medication Cause the Injury?

All patient records must show if the patient has existing medication allergies. All nurses and doctors must review the patient’s records for these allergies when administering any medication. Failure to follow precautions and avoid administering medications deems the medical staff liable for injuries.

Is There an Existing Lawsuit for the Medication?

Existing lawsuits for bad medications appear in articles online and in the media. Patients who sustain injuries are advised to contact an attorney and build a case. If previous litigants collected, then the claimant might have a chance to collect compensation with the right evidence.

Did the Doctor Provide a Dangerous Drug to the Patient?

Doctors who provide a dangerous drug to the patient are liable for failing to provide a duty. All medical facilities and doctors’ offices must stay abreast of the latest changes in laws and documentation about medications. Administering dangerous drugs increases liabilities for the prescribing doctor. The liability is more likely to give patients legal access to compensation and prevent the doctor from avoiding responsibility for their actions.

Did a Pharmacy Make a Mistake?

If the origin of the mistake was the pharmacy, the doctor isn’t liable for the mistake. The pharmacy must check all prescriptions and ensure they provided the correct medication to the patient. The pharmacist must also review any alerts indicating a possible drug interaction. Under the circumstances, the pharmacy faces all liabilities related to the patient’s injuries.

In Maryland, medication-related injuries lead to legal claims and require complete investigations. First, the attorney identifies the defendant of the lawsuit. Next, evidence for supporting the claim is collected. Patients who were injured due to dangerous medications can contact an accident lawyer in Annapolis through the Jaklitsch Law Group and schedule an appointment now.

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