Finding one of the Top Law Firms in Dubai or the UAE

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Generally speaking, no person can be said to be free and immune to misunderstandings and just like a doctor, there’s quite often need to approach legal advice. Meeting the right lawyers is as imperative as finding the right clinic. In a legally adverse situation, you want to obtain peace of mind and someone you can rely on for present as well as future legal matters. This document will guide you how to research the right lawyers. Although this document is written primarily for people searching lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this paper could safely be relied upon by those looking for lawyers in Sharjah or lawyers in Ras Al Khaimah as well. This document has been carefully researched, reviewed by an independent team of researchers who have made specific inquiries with law firms in UAE, and we have also obtained inputs from seasoned businesspeople who have provided their frank overview.

Firstly, finding one of the top Dubai Law Firms is to assess whether the law firm in Dubai and its attorney have the requisite experience, proven capability and knowledge in the subject matter you wish to seek legal advice. Accordingly, you should carry out systematic research through your local trade chamber whether the attorney has the requisite knowledge and experience. You may also consider inquiring people in business who are engaged in business same as yours.

Subsequently, you should yourself visit the top Abu Dhabi law firms if your matter relates to UAE’s capital or visit top Dubai Law Firms if the question relates to Dubai and meet the lawyer in charge and address your issue. It is important that you provide clear facts and circumstances dealing with your matter. Once the attorneys in Dubai or the law firm you have approached has had the understanding of your case, he will give you his advice on the matter. At this stage, you must ask yourself, these questions:-

1. Was the legal opinion of the Solicitor clear to understand? For instance, criminal law matters generally requires that top criminal lawyers in Dubai thoroughly raise specific questions pertaining to crime, investigation, role of forensics, appointing forensic laboratories, forensic experts and expert forensic linguistics.
2. Did the lawyer exercise care and caution in reading the facts and providing his/her advice?
3. Did the consultant advise you on the laws that apply to your matter or was there any lapse?
4. Did the criminal attorney or your subject specific attorney provide you with any references of his experience with a situation similar to yours?
5. Did the attorney provide you with his fee structure and were these acceptable? If you consulted arbitration lawyers in Dubai, for instance, did you obtain a clear breakdown on costs? Were you advised on arbitration proceedings in Dubai, the number of arbitrators involved, the venue for arbitration and language in which the arbitration meetings will take place?

If the outcome of above questions is affirmative, you should ask yourself one last and final time – Do I take a new opinion. If your subject-matter involves litigation, you should ask the attorney as to whether you could hire services of a non-biased mediator. Although mediation may not always be the best possible option, we recommended that you raise the possibility of a successful outcome with your advocate.

A big disagreement can result in cumbersome litigation. This conflict can also heighten emotions and at such time having the services of an impartial third party who is able to control the investigation and guide each party to identify a mutually reasonable settlement in a personal and non-adversarial environment aids to save complicated relationships and makes it possible for future access. It may be advisable in few cases that you get a lawyer’s opinion in writing. Please ensure you raise specific queries for the consideration of counsel before obtaining the legal advice. Ask your legal consultant to cover such matters of law as they deem expedient in your best interest in addition to relevant or recent court precedents, notable decisions from courts in UAE (including Court of Cassation).
Don’t accept the law-firm terms immediately unless your matter needs to be dealt urgently. Please peruse the lawyer’s terms carefully and if you have any questions, raise them by email.

Note: should you need services from Abu Dhabi Law Firms or considering trademark registration in Dubai or perhaps considering company formation in Dubai or need consultation from top property lawyers in Dubai, please do to get in touch with us and request for a free legal consultation.

Your easy guide to choosing the right law firm. This Article will guide in appointing the right law firm, the care, and attention you need to exercise before arriving at a decision which law firm to approach. We hope this guide helps you in choosing the right attorney. We wish you all the very best! Visit the website for more information.

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