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Finding the Right Attorney in Royse City, TX

In Texas, when one is charged with a DWI (driving while intoxicated), the ramifications can be quite serious. They might have to serve jail time in addition to losing their license and paying heavy fines. They may also see an increase in their car insurance rates as well as incur a driver’s license surcharge ranging anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. It is crucial that they choose the right attorney in Royse City, TX to represent them.

Those charged with a DWI need to find an attorney who will work diligently to get the charge reduced or even dismissed. They also want to find a firm that offers free consultations and will charge reasonable rates to defend them. A visit to website provides a glimpse into the law offices of Tim Hartley where expert representation is available, offering elite legal services at affordable costs.

When someone is charged with a DWI, they should look for an authority in that field when choosing an attorney in Royse City, TX. They should make sure that the attorney spends the majority of their time practicing DWI defense. Ask the attorney what percentage of their practice is dedicated to defense. They need someone experienced who can provide both a fact based as well as a legal defense; a professional who can convince the prosecution to release videos as well as other reports. Those charged also need an attorney who will attack the prosecution’s case, looking for the slightest holes or flaws. Hiring the right attorney can very well be the difference between winning the case and losing it. The latter is an option nobody wants to think about.

Those in need of an attorney should ask for references, and they should always meet in person. An interview over the phone won’t suffice when your freedom could be on the line. Don’t be afraid to make questions, and make sure they all get answered. Making direct questions about exactly how many cases the attorney has handled and how many jury trials they have had is perfectly acceptable. If the attorney makes a guarantee in the case and it seems too good to be true, ask for it in writing.

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