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Get Compensation for Your Elders through a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Freeport

Many of elderly people end up living in a nursing home because they are unable to take care of themselves. The elderly individual is then reliant on the care that the nursing home can provide. Unfortunately, nursing home patients are at risk of suffering abuse and neglect from their caregivers. If you suspect that this has happened to your loved one, then you need to talk to a nursing home neglect lawyer in Freeport at Fisk & Monteleone, LTD.

Elder Abuse Happens More Often than You Might Think

According to statistics, more than 500,000 elderly people in the US suffer from abuse each year and there could be many more that have an issue that never gets reported. This could be anything from physical harm to withholding care, bedsores, verbal abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, or even some sort of sexual abuse. Those with Alzheimer’s or dementia often forget the abuse they suffer and don’t complain.

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Freeport Can Help Determine Cause for Lawsuits

Neglect can be performed by not just home caregivers, but in nursing home situations by people like nurses, doctors, or other caregivers who work there. It may be hard to notice the symptoms of such abuse at first, but in time you may notice signs like changes in the victim’s personality, tension between the victim and a caregiver, unexplained injury or bruises, drug abuse, broken glasses, restraint marks on their arms or legs, or the nursing home not allowing anyone see the patient alone.

If you have noticed any of these issues with a loved one in a nursing home, you should get an appointment to speak on their behalf to a nursing home neglect lawyer in Freeport at Fisk and Monteleone. They know all the ins and outs of elder abuse and can advise you about what to do in order to prove it and get your loved one the help they need for it to stop.

How to Protect the Elderly from Nursing Home Abuse

If you are worried your elderly loved one is suffering from elder abuse, you can watch for the warning signs, as well as reporting it to the nursing home right away. You can also get the help of a nursing home neglect lawyer in Freeport to help you prove your case and thereby ensure your loved one is taken care of properly.

The bottom line is that some elderly people aren’t capable of preventing themselves from being abused by untrustworthy caregivers, and it’s vital to check on them regularly. If you suspect abuse, then contact a nursing home neglect lawyer in Freeport at Fisk & Monteleone and we can help. Call us today.

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