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Get Help With Your Bike Accident From a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Tampa

As a motorcycle rider in Tampa, you know that you’re always at greater risk of an accident than an automobile driver. There is nothing surrounding you to protect you from an impact, and oftentimes drivers simply don’t see you. You have no desire to get into an accident, but all it takes is one poor decision by a driver to make your life misery. One moment you’re on your motorcycle, the next you’re flying in the air with a painful landing on pavement.

What follows is a trip to the hospital where you’ll most likely spend a couple of days if not longer. Physicians need to check you out for injuries from head to toe because the trauma from the impacts are potentially all over your body. You may have to go through surgery to fix the breaks, and then you’ll spend time recovering in the hospital. All of this adds up to become one huge bill, a lot of pain, and time lost from your job. It’s a good bet that the insurance company of the person who hit you is going to take care of the bills, but how much will it pay out?

The first thing to understand about insurance companies is that they hate to pay out any more than they have to. In order to keep costs low, insurers do what they can to get accident victims to take a settlement. They do this by sending in their representatives to the accident victim while in the hospital if possible. The rush to get to the victim is to prevent him from contacting a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Tampa and getting legal representation. When you sign a settlement, you sign your rights away, and the lawyer can’t go back to get you more money.

Don’t let the insurance company prevent you from getting the money you’re going to need in the future, and contact an accident lawyer. A motorcycle accident lawyer Tampa is similar to an Auto Accident Lawyer in that they both work on accidents involving vehicles.

A motorcycle accident lawyer has an advantage in that he understands the ins and outs of what happens in a motorcycle accident, and can press home the severity of the injuries. Contact Bulluck Law Group at your first opportunity to preserve your rights after a motorcycle accident.

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