Giving Options: Bail Collateral on Credit, Cash, or Through a Fair Payment Plan

by | May 5, 2016 | Legal Services

One mistake could begin in unraveling that could be expensive, time-consuming, and seriously consequential. A bail bond is a quick way to partly rectify a bad decision before it gets way out of hand. A bail bond will not stop the courts from progressing forward with a case. It will not stop any potential lawsuits, prosecution claims, and other things which may surface. But, the most important immediate problem is getting a loved one out. From there, the family can easily discuss further action, speak with lawyers, and begin moving on together.

Collateral is the first immediate obstacle in tackling the release of a loved one with Free At Last Bail Bonds . Collateral can come in many forms. It can be cash or it can be a physical item or items of some value.

Bond Can be Paid with Credit

The great thing is that collateral can be paid in numerous ways. The most common method is through cash. But, that is not the only way. Clients can pay using a credit card or wire transfer. The bonds professional relays the numbers in wire transfer needs to be sent to. This allows a client to find money elsewhere if they do not have it available at the moment. Of course, a credit card is a great way to get funds immediately. It is certainly smart to have a credit card open at all times in case of an emergency. Clients can keep an open balance and only use it periodically to keep a running credit. Big purchases are not made, leaving an open balance if the car breaks down or another emergency occurs.

Bond Payment Will Be Relinquished

Bond payments will be released for a Jail Bond in Atlanta a few weeks after the case has ended and settled. The average time is about 15 days, two weeks, after the defendant’s case is settled with the courts. The judge is largely in control of the relinquishment of a bond payment.

Disposition is a document from a judge that formally releases the bond and closes the case. Due to the fact that a Jail Bond in Atlanta can be paid on a plan or on a credit card, it is a lot easier to get a loved one free at last.

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