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Help With A Workers Compensation Claim

The first thing that anyone that is injured while on the job is to report to his or her supervisor and complete and injury report, the employees copy of the report should be kept in the event there is an issue later on with the claim. The law actually specifies how long the employee has before a report is completed and filed, if this window of opportunity is missed it could be a costly error, even resulting in a denial of benefits.

Workers comp law is complex:

With the complexity of the law, it is in the employee’s interest to discuss the matter with a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim. If you are in doubt always talk to a qualified lawyer, not the insurance adjuster. Always remember, the adjuster only has one purpose; to save the insurance company money. It is not unusual for the adjuster to try and get the injured employee to somehow or another make a statement that can be used by the company to deny the claim.

Workers compensation laws, like all laws, are complex and it is in the injured employee’s best interest to get legal assistance. There are many details, for example:

   * Which group of employees is exempt from participating in workers comp?
   * What penalties are there when fling guidelines are not adhered to?
   * Do you have the right to pursue a civil case?

A lawyer can always add perspective:

You may be of the opinion that there is no call for legal intervention. This may be the case, but a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim can most certainly provide a well-informed perspective and protect your interests. Serious workplace injuries call for early legal intervention; the lawyer can deal with the complex paperwork, ensure that evidence is not destroyed and keeping you fully abreast of all your legal rights. In this way, the lawyer can ensure that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to.

If you have been injured at work, you should consult with a workers compensation lawyer in Anaheim. You are invited to discuss your claim with The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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