When and How to Hire a Child Support Attorney in Midlothian, TX

by | May 18, 2017 | Lawyers

Very often, a couple getting divorced will have problems coming to agreeable terms related to child support payments. There are also times when support has already been decided, but the payer has fallen behind or had a significant change in income. All of these instances would warrant the need for a child support attorney in Midlothian, TX. Here are some other reasons and ways to get the best attorney possible.

  *     Even though one party may have been pleased with the strengths of the divorce lawyer, this lawyer may not have any experience with dealing with child support issues. This is why a lawyer who has actual experience dealing with these specific matters should be retained.

  *     Parents should call various attorneys’ offices and ask to speak with the attorney who handles child support cases. After finding one they are comfortable with, they should schedule a preliminary meeting. This will allow the parent to get to know more about the background of the child support attorney in Midlothian, TX and also give the attorney a complete breakdown of the situation that led to the current circumstances.

  *     Some questions to ask the attorney during the meeting would be what are the possible outcomes, what are the billing methods the attorney’s office utilizes? How many cases has the attorney won for clients? Each of these questions will be of great benefit for the client to know the answers to.

  *     If the parent doing the hiring is non-custodial, the attorney at an experienced firm such as Mallios and Associates, P.C. will be able to aid the parent in paying as fair an amount of child support as possible. Not all parents are in the same financial situation and, consequently, they cannot afford to pay the same amounts. If the financial matters of the non-custodial parent have changed for the worse, it is especially important to contact an attorney so that realistic payments can be arranged.

Browse the website for more information about hiring a child support attorney who has only the best interests of their clients in mind. Don’t leave child support decisions to chance or to the whims of the other party.

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