Hire a Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ for Molestation Cases

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Lawyers

Sexual abuse accusations should be taken as seriously by defendants as they are by prosecutors. The state will jump at the chance to put a person behind bars, and judges and juries often act out of their own prejudices. A conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence, thousands of dollars in fines, and put a person’s professional life at risk. If someone is facing these charges, they should hire a Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ to mount a proper defense.

Defendants are Innocent Until They’re Proven Guilty

It may seem obvious, but a person accused of a crime may forget that they can’t be declared guilty without a fair trial. The first thing a defendant needs to do is to plead innocent. Even if someone believes they’ve engaged in inappropriate conduct with an accuser, it may not meet the definition of sexual abuse.

Consent Was Offered

This defense is one of the strongest a person can use, but it has its share of controversy. A person’s intoxication could render them incapable of giving consent, and if someone’s actions don’t match their words, it’s hard to define an act as assault. A case’s specifics will significantly affect a defendant’s consent claims, and in some instances, an attorney can use an accuser’s sexual history to their client’s advantage.

Diminished Mental Capacity

Some defendants may claim temporary insanity at the time of the alleged abuse. A more common defense is to state that the person lacked the mental capacity to understand the situation because of intoxication. If a person’s judgment is clouded during a sexual encounter, it may be possible that they thought consent was given. In such cases, a defendant’s claims may be true, but their actions would likely not be considered malicious or criminal.

Hire an Attorney

Above everything else, the smartest choice a defendant can make is to hire a Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ as quickly as possible. With the help of attorney Robert J Campos, clients can be assured that their case is in the hands of an experienced lawyer who can protect their rights and work toward a favorable outcome.

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