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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance, CA Following a Dog Bite

Millions of dogs reside in the United States alongside humans. Some are friendly, while others can be very aggressive. Individuals should never approach unfamiliar dogs, as there is no way of knowing how they will behave.

However, there are times when a human takes every precaution and a dog still attacks and bites them. When this is the case, a personal injury attorney in Torrance, CA will be of great help in resolving the matter and obtaining compensation for the victim. What tasks will the lawyer take on at this time?

Investigating the Incident

When a dog attacks a human, the owner may claim the human provoked the dog in some way. The attorney works to investigate the incident and collect any evidence that supports the victim’s claim. It needs to be shown the dog was not contained as required when the attack took place and that the victim did not enter the dog’s space and bring about the incident. It may be the dog has dangerous habits that the owner was aware of and they did not take steps to prevent an attack. These are only a few of the many ways the attorney can be of help at this time.


Furthermore, the attorney will be of great help in keeping the victim informed regarding the progress of their case. The legal system can move slowly and the insurance company for the dog owner may avoid telling the victim what is going on.

This leaves the victim feeling uncertain and whether they should have settled the case. This isn’t an issue when a personal injury attorney in Torrance, CA is retained. They will keep the victim in the loop regarding all aspects of the case.

Browse the website of Company Name. to learn more about how an attorney can be of benefit during this time. Focus on recovering from your injuries and allow the attorney to do the rest. You deserve compensation for your injuries and the dog owner needs to be held accountable. The attorney works to ensure this is what happens.

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