Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT For A Dog Bite Incident

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Lawyers

When someone tries to accuse another of having a dog that had bitten them, there will be a need to hire one of the Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT to help in proving the dog did not conduct itself improperly. Proving that a dog is not a threat to others can be a bit difficult, but by trying some of the following steps, the case may be dismissed in a court of law.

Get Written Documentation From Professionals

It is a good idea to get written summaries about the dog’s demeanor to bring to a court room appearance. Veterinarians, groomers, or dog obedience teachers are all great choices as they will have spent time with the dog for more than a few minutes at a time. Neighbors and friends can also be witnesses to the dog’s behavior if desired.

See If Others Witnessed The Incident

It is important to find out if anyone had seen the dog bite the plaintiff. If a neighbor was watching out their window, they may have seen the person on the property when they should not have been. If the person had provoked the dog, this may be a reason why it had lashed out in defense. Ask neighbors if they have any surveillance video of the area as well, as the person may be seen walking around in a suspicious manner.

Hire A Private Investigator To Help Prove False Information

If the person who had claimed to be bitten is going about their business without restriction, there is a chance they had falsified the extent of their injury in an attempt to receive compensation. Hiring a private investigator to follow the plaintiff may be helpful in showing they are not as injured as they claim. This information can be used in a courtroom to show a judge or jury that the person made up the details to get a payoff.

When there is a need to hire one of the Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT, finding one that will work with their client in a professional manner is best. Contact McVeigh Skiff LLP today to schedule a consultation.

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