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How a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT Can Be of Assistance

Bicycle accidents can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. Victims of this type of accident should consider speaking to a bicycle accident attorney in Norwich, CT to determine if the negligence of another party played a role in the accident. No person should have to suffer needlessly because someone was careless. The bike accident attorney works to ensure a person does not have to when they have been a victim of a wreck while riding a bike.

The Rules of the Road

Both drivers and cyclists must abide by all rules of the road. This includes traffic laws along with the person’s duty to use ordinary care when it comes to their safety. Fortunately, states now recognize the right of bicyclists to share the road and have put laws into place to protect these individuals.


First and foremost, when evaluating a bicycle accident claim, the court looks at negligence on the part of both parties. Negligence on the part of the driver that led to the accident and injured the bicyclist is considered. The same is true of negligence on the part of the bicyclist that might have caused or contributed to the accident. The person on the bike is not automatically assumed to be innocent.

Determining Fault

When a person is injured in an accident of this type, they should consider meeting with a bicycle accident attorney in Norwich, CT. The attorney reviews the facts of the case to determine if negligence played a role, who was negligent, and whether the victim has a case. They also look to see if any external factors played a role, such as bushes that obstructed the view of both parties and contributed to the collision.

Visit the website of Stephen M. Reck to learn more about negligence and how it is determined who is at fault in a bicycle accident. The more a person knows, the easier it is to protect their rights. Once this has been done, those involved can decide whether to go forward with pursuing a claim. If the facts support doing so, it’s wise to take this step.

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