How a Paternity Lawyer in Green Bay WI Can Help Resolve Difficult Disputes

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Lawyers

Courts in Wisconsin, as in other states, always strive to do everything possible to make sure that children will be cared for well and appropriately. This means that both parents of a child will typically be assigned responsibility for providing support, even one is awarded sole custody.

In many cases, the arrangements that result will seem sensible and prudent. When questions arise as to the paternity of a particular child, however, things can become a lot more complex and difficult. Consulting with a Paternity Lawyer in Green Bay WI will almost always be advisable in such cases.

Determining Who Fathered a Child Can Be Complicated and Challenging

In some cases, a man will find himself being accused of having fathered a child under what can seem like unlikely circumstances. Mothers of children are not always certain themselves as to who might have been the father, and the issue can, therefore, be difficult for courts to sort out.

Whether because of a mistaken attempt at assigning responsibility or an intentional lie on the part of the child’s mother, working with a Paternity Lawyer in Green Bay WI like one of those at Brabazon Law Office LLC can make things a lot easier. Instead of facing the duty of paying child support for many years, a man who can rightly be shown not to have fathered a child could be released from all associated responsibility.

When It Comes to Paternity Suits, the Stakes Are Often High

The same generally goes for many fathers who find that the mothers of their children will not admit their paternity. In some cases, a mother will refuse to acknowledge that a particular man fathered a child in an attempt to keep him from obtaining custody or visitation rights.

For fathers who wish to be involved in the lives of their children, effectively rebutting such claims will generally be the only means of legally doing so. Once again, a lawyer will be well positioned to build a persuasive argument that can produce the results that such clients seek. With very few disputes involving paternity being of anything but real significance, seeking out legal counsel will almost always make sense.

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