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How a Personal Injury Attorney in Nassau County, NY Can Help

Accidents happen all the time, and they often cause serious injuries that may impede a person’s ability to work and function. They also come with serious costs for the medical care of those injuries. Unfortunately, many of these so-called accidents were not accidents at all; rather, they were caused by someone else’s actions or inactions that created a dangerous situation. A personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY can help with these types of incidents.

Premises Liability

A property owner has a responsibility to keep their premises safe from injuring others, especially business owners. When a person visits a property, whether as a customer or guest, they expect to be free of danger. Unfortunately, many property owners do not maintain their property or prevent their pets from attacking these guests. In these situations, the property owner is responsible for any injuries that occur due to their inability to keep this property free of danger.

Product Liability

Similar to that of property owners, those who create a product to be sold have a responsibility to ensure that they are safe. When a customer purchases these products, they expect to be able to use it without injury. Unfortunately, there have been many products that have caused serious injuries and deaths due to the manufacturer’s inability to thoroughly inspect it beforehand. These manufacturers should be held responsible for compensation for those who suffered injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse

Many people trust nursing homes to care for their loved ones. Unfortunately, due to cost restraints and other such issues, many of these facilities do not properly oversee the care provided. They may also hire people who do not possess the necessary abilities to provide proper care. This can often lead to serious abuse of those in the nursing facilities. When these issues occur, the facility owners are responsible. A personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY can help hold them responsible for these damages.

There are many aspects of daily living where people expect to be safe. Unfortunately, those responsible for providing the care needed to maintain this level of safety are failing in their responsibilities. The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III offers experienced attorneys to help in these situations. For more information or to have a case reviewed, visit the website.

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