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How to Proceed After You Have Been In An Auto Accident In Kenosha

An auto accident can be a scary thing, and of course the first action in injury cases should be to hire an auto accident attorney Kenosha, WI. However, you have to handle things correctly to get the best compensation. Here are some tips to follow after an auto accident.

Get Information About The Accident

The stress of an accident can cause drivers to forget details, so it is essential to record or write down details as soon as possible and never guess at anything when police arrive. Move to a safe area, if possible, and get the other driver’s name, address, phone number, vehicle identification, and name of their insurance provider. Record how the accident happened and include the date, weather, road conditions, and time, and take pictures of your vehicle at various angles.

Limit Accident Discussion

At-fault drivers may try to tempt you into admitting fault. Never discuss your feelings to avoid making it seem like you are admitting fault, even if you feel somewhat responsible. Likewise, don’t give any statements to the driver’s insurance provider, which could be used against you.

Visit A Doctor

Some accident injuries do not become obvious until hours or even days later. Schedule an appointment immediately when you feel something different or others note different behavior in you. You can be knocked unconscious or be dazed several minutes without knowing it. Keep all medical bills and reports as evidence.

Hire a Lawyer

Injury laws can be complicated, so it makes sense to hire an auto accident attorney in Kenosha, WI. Contact Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Pitts S.C. for more information.

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