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What Should Injured Workers Know About Workers Compensation in Vermont?

The state of Vermont, just as other states, has worker’s compensation laws in effect. These laws are meant to protect both employees and their employers and are strictly mandated by the Vermont Department of Labor. It is imperative injured workers are aware of these laws and know how to properly file a claim so they can start the process as soon as possible and receive the benefits they are entitled to for Workers Compensation in Vermont.

When a worker is injured, the law for Workers Compensation in Vermont states they must inform their employer immediately. If an acute injury occurs, the employer needs to be informed as soon as possible. A progressive injury needs to be reported as soon as the employee becomes aware of it. Prompt reporting will help an employee to avoid issues that might cause their payments to be delayed or even denied.

Once the employer has been made aware of the injury, it is their responsibility to file a claim with their worker’s compensation insurance company. If the employee learns their employer has not filed the claim in a timely manner, they need to contact the Vermont Department of Labor and file a Form 5. They will need to provide proof their injury was caused by their job by submitting medical records and eyewitness accounts. For more information, click here.

If an employee finds they are being given the runaround or their claim has been denied, they have the right to seek help from an attorney. An attorney will offer an injured client help through the pursuit of compensation so there is less stress and the injured party can focus on their recovery.

Worker’s compensation offers both a wage and healthcare benefit. Wage replacement gives a portion of the employer’s wages, and this percentage is regulated by the state. Medical bills are paid for through the employer’s insurance.

If you have been seriously injured on the job and are finding it difficult to pursue your worker’s compensation benefits, contact the law office of McVeigh Skiff LLP. They will provide you with a consultation appointment so you can get started on pursuing a fair outcome.

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