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Keep the Help You Need by Hiring a Child Support Attorney in Maricopa, AZ

Couples are not the only ones affected by divorces. They impact the entire family, especially children. Minor children in particular can be affected in several different ways, including being used as pawns against a spouse. If you’re getting a divorce, an attorney can help make sure your child receives the support they deserve and that the visitation agreement is fair to both of you.

Determining Support

Under the law, both the custodial and non-custodial parent must provide reasonable support for any minor children they have together. To help ensure a child is provided for, the court calculates how much support each parent should provide using their income as a guideline. If you don’t think the resulting amount of support is fair, a child support attorney in Maricopa, AZ, may be able to help you get the court order modified.

Support Modifications

If a court order for child support is more than you can afford due to your financial circumstances, you can apply to get it modified. The application will ask how much you are responsible for paying currently and how much relief you need. If your ex-spouse agrees to the modification, then nothing needs to be done, and the court will simply review the information and set a new support amount.
However, if the other parent does not agree to the modification, they can contest with the help of a child support attorney. They have 20 days to ask for a hearing regarding the modification if they are within the state of Arizona. If they are in another state, they have 30 days to contest the modification.

To locate a child support attorney to help you get a fair child support amount set, you can contact the Alexander Law Offices. Their experienced attorneys can help with child support, custody arrangements, and other aspects of your divorce.

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