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Managing Dog Attacks With A Personal Injury Attorney In Wetumpka, AL

In Alabama, dog attack cases must be filed within two years of the event. State statute section 3-6-1 defines the statute of limitations for dog attacks. Victims who file after the limitation runs out won’t receive any compensation. A Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL can explain how the cases are managed according to local laws.

How are the Attacks Reported?

All dog attacks that occur in Wetumpka are reported directly to the animal control officer at the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department. The officer visits the pet owner’s property to assess the dog identified. However, if the injuries are severe, the doctor providing medical treatment contacts the authorities.

What are the Quarantine Requirements?

Any dogs that weren’t vaccinated must be placed in quarantine. The animal control officer issues an official notice to the dog owner through the mail. The instructions for the quarantine indicate that the dog must remain in the care of a licensed vet for twelve days. The duration gives the dog enough time to show signs of rabies. Any dog that shows signs of rabies is euthanized. The dog owner incurs all costs associated with the quarantine, vaccinations, and euthanasia.

What are the Requirements for the Dog Owner?

Once the accountability of the pet owner is established, the owner must pay all related medical costs for the victim. Any wages that were lost during the course of treatment must be replaced by the dog owner. Unless the dog was reported previously, the dog owner won’t face any strict liability based damages for the attack.

What Local Laws Apply to the Cases?

All city ordinances in the state of Alabama require dog owners to utilize leashes at any time that their animal is outdoors. The owner must also prevent their dog from leaving their property or attacking visitors and public servants.

In Alabama, dog attacks are managed through personal injury laws that define the responsibilities of dog owners. Under the laws, all pet owners must vaccinate their animals against the rabies virus. A failure to vaccinate the animals could lead to serious conditions and fatalities. Victims of dog attacks contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL through Courtney & Mann LLP right now.

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