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Managing Fracture Claims With A Workers Comp Attorney In Ft. Pierce, FL

In Florida, workers compensation insurance assists workers who sustain injuries while performing their work duties. The coverage provides medical payments for all treatments needed by the workers. A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL provides the workers with legal help when they are denied benefits for broken bones and fractures.

What Medical Expenses are Covered?

After workers sustain broken bones and fractures, the worker’s compensation covers the cost of all x-rays and medical examinations. Broken bones require setting and a cast to hold the bones in place. For leg fractures, the doctor will provide a walking cast at a later stage of their recovery.

Are There Restrictions for Light-Duty Opportunities?

If the worker is capable of performing light-duty work, the worker’s compensation insurance won’t provide monetary benefits. The coverage applies to the medical treatment required throughout the recovery only. The employer must provide light-duty work for the workers that allows him or her to earn their normal wages while the broken bones heal. However, if the employer is unable to provide light-duty tasks, the employer must provide monetary benefits for the worker.

Who is Eligible for Monetary Benefits?

All workers who are unable to return to work immediately qualify for monetary benefits through worker’s comp. The payments are provided weekly or monthly depending on the policy’s terms. The benefits are up to eighty percent of the worker’s income.

How are Fractures Managed by Employers?

When a worker breaks a bone on the job, the employer must contact emergency medical assistance immediately. The worker shouldn’t move without a medical team to help them as the bone could shift and become more damaged. The employer must provide a claim’s form for the worker when the ambulance arrives. The forms are completed and filed through the worker’s compensation carrier.

In Florida, workers compensation insurance assists for all injured workers. The insurance offers monetary benefits and full payments for all medical treatments. The monetary benefits are provided when workers are unable to return to work immediately. If the worker is denied the benefits, an attorney helps the worker file a legal claim. Workers who need assistance from a Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL contact Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille right now.

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