Managing a Product Liability with an Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Lawyers

In Virginia, product liabilities emerge when manufacturers fail to warn consumers about dangerous conditions. According to federal laws, all manufacturers are required to place warning labels on items that present any risks to consumers. An accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA assist consumers who were injured while using the products.

Reporting the Product

The first step is to report the product to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The federal agency has full authority to manage the report however they see fit. They also have the right to launch an investigation to determine if the product is dangerous or if the victim’s injuries were an isolated event.

Securing Forensic Tests

Forensic testing is a vital part of the claim and proves that the victim’s injuries were caused by the product. The tests must show all possible scenarios in which injuries are possible. The findings show that the product was dangerous, that the manufacturer knew about the risk, and the manufacturer failed to warn the public.

Medical Records and Assessments

The consumer’s medical records are secured and define the extent of their injuries. The records must pinpoint the product to the injuries. If the injuries are more severe, it is possible for the Consumer Rights Protection Agency to take immediate action against the manufacturer. The medical evidence is also used when the consumer files a legal claim.

Product Recalls and Lawsuits

A product recall is issued when the product is deemed dangerous by the federal agency. The terms of the recall could include a full refund of the purchase price, payment for medical expenses for injured consumers, or repairs for the product. After the product is labeled dangerous, the product recall is used to identify more victims. Multiple victims can file a class-action lawsuit.

In Virginia, product liabilities emerge when a manufacturer fails to prevent consumer-based injuries. All products released to consumers must be safe or provide instructions that prevent injuries. Manufacturers could face class-action lawsuits after a large volume of consumers sustains injuries while using their products. Consumers who were injured and want to file a lawsuit can contact an accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA at website.

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