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Matters to Discuss with a Divorce Lawyer in Douglasville, GA

After doing some soul searching, the decision is made to end the marriage. To ensure that no detail is overlooked, the best move is to hire a divorce lawyer in Douglasville, GA and learn more about what needs to be done. Here are some points that need to be discussed in order for the legal counsel to provide advice that the client can use.

The Grounds for the Divorce

There are a number of grounds that the court will accept as valid for ending a marriage. In order to determine the one that is best suited for the situation, the client will need to talk with the divorce lawyer in Douglasville, GA about what has caused the breakdown in the union. If infidelity has taken place, that can be cited as grounds. When the issue is that the couple has grown apart and both parties agree the marriage should end, the lawyer will recommend using grounds that essentially do not place the responsibility on either of the parties.

The Division of Property

Assuming there is no premarital agreement in place, there is the need to decide who will receive what assets and property. In the best case scenario, the lawyer will ensure that the client exits the marriage with all of the assets that were brought into the union. Any assets acquired since the marriage took place can be divided according to a plan that both parties agree is equitable.

Child Support and Custody

If the couple has children who have not reached the age of majority, decisions must be made about who will be designated the custodial parent–even if the parties plan on sharing custody. Also, a plan has to be worked out for child support payments that includes cash to the custodial parent, health insurance for the children, and a life insurance plan on the non-custodial parent naming the custodial parent as the beneficiary. Once a visitation plan is added to the mix, the custody arrangements will be considered complete.

For anyone who believes that the time has come to end a marriage, visit Website Domain today and arrange for an appointment. With the aid of legal counsel, it is possible to settle all the details and bring the union to a dignified conclusion.

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