Myths About Truck Accidents

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Lawyers

You have rights if you have been involved in a truck accident. However, many people do not know about their rights because they have been given misinformation. That is why it is important to hire a truck accident attorney Jacksonville FL. There are several myths about truck accidents that need to be debunked.

Myth: Truck Drivers Have to Follow the Same Rules of the Road

Fact: There are basic rules of the road that everyone has to follow. However, truck drivers have to follow stricter rules than the other drivers on the road. For example, they are often required to drive slower than other vehicles. There are also regulations that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets regarding things like the number of hours a trucker can drive and maintenance.

Myth: Truck Drivers are Less Likely to get Into an Accident

Fact: Many people believe that because truck drivers have more training and experience, they are less likely to get into an accident. However, there are many other things that can cause a truck accident. This includes things such as fatigue, distracted driving and driving under the influence. None of those things have nothing to do without the amount of experience that a person has.

Myth: Truck Drivers Usually are not Found Guilty

Fact: Truck drivers can be found liable if they did something to contribute to the accident. Trucking companies can also be found liable.

Myth: Truck Accidents are Just as Dangerous for the Truck Driver

Fact: Truck accidents often cause more injuries to the occupants of the car. In fact, 75 percent of truck accidents result in an injury to the occupants in the other vehicle. Furthermore, truck accidents are 10 times more deadly to the people in the other vehicle.

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