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Needing Help With Workers Compensation In Macon, GA

Millions of Americans are affected by repetitive stress injuries or RSIs. These injuries are caused by repeated motions often in the course of work. Workers with these injuries should be covered under workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, the job or insurers often deny this type of claim. Find a lawyer that handles workers’ compensation in Macon, GA.

Examples of RSIs

There are several labels associated with RSIs. Victims are often diagnosed with overuse syndrome and cumulative trauma. These injuries develop over time, no matter what the label is. Examples of conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, rotator cuff syndrome, and trigger finger. Problems in the affected area include numbness, decreased range of motion, pain, tingling and inflammation.

Not surprisingly, many of those affected work with computers. There are so many jobs in every industry that require computer use. Others at risk include cashiers, drivers, nurses and delivery workers. Many professional athletes suffer from one or more RSIs.

It’s Important to Follow the Rules

RSIs are handled like any other workers’ compensation case. Dealing with workers’ compensation in Macon, GA can be tricky. The employer should be notified as soon as one is aware of the condition. Injured workers will need to see a physician from the employer’s list of physicians. Benefits can be denied if the worker selects another doctor. Likewise, do what the physician says including wearing a brace.

The Claim May Be Denied

Don’t be surprised if the claim is denied. It comes in handy to have a lawyer familiar with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Industry insiders say RSIs are one of the most expensive injuries for insurers. That’s because injured workers miss a lot of days. The lawyer must file for a hearing with the State Board. State Board hearings are conducted before appointed Administrative Law Judges. It can be helpful if the lawyer knows how a particular ALJ operates.

Never try to handle a hearing on your own. There are rules of law and evidence that must be followed. The lawyer only gets paid if you do. Furthermore, Georgia only allows lawyers to charge 25 percent of the client’s award. In addition, every lawyer’s contract must be approved by the state. To learn more, visit

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