Possible Reasons Why Your Workers Compensation Claim Was Denied

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Legal Services

It seems clear to you that you got injured at your workplace or you have a work-related medical condition, and you deserve compensation. You then apply for workers compensation, expecting to receive the benefits. Unfortunately, you receive a notification that your claim has been denied. The chances are you have received the denial with shock and disappointment. Well, workers compensation claims can be denied based on certain conditions or reasons. If you submitted paperwork, look at these possible reasons why your worker’s compensation claim might have been dismissed.

Missed Deadlines

When injured at your workplace, make sure you notify your employer right away. After that, you report an injury or incident report, and your employer files a workers compensation claim. You should file for compensation within a specific period after the accident. The deadline varies from state to state or city. Usually, you have 30 days to submit all the necessary paperwork for the compensation claim. It’s wise to seek legal advice from a workers compensation attorney in Aurora before submitting your paperwork to make sure that you meet the legal requirements.

No Evidence

Lack of evidence is among the leading causes of denial. The insurance company can use this factor to question your credibility. Therefore, you should take statements of workers who were around during the accident to support your claim. You can also use security cameras at your workplace as evidence.

Your Injury Isn’t Covered

Not all illnesses and injuries are covered by workers compensation. For instance, bruises that can be remedied and cured through first-aid care are not eligible for reimbursement. Also, pre-existing medical conditions are never eligible for compensation. Similarly, injuries sustained off the clock do not qualify for a benefit. Therefore, it’s also wise to consult a workers compensation attorney in Aurora before filing for compensation to understand your injury eligibility.

Workplace injuries can be deadly. You should make sure that your rights are protected by calling Law Offices of Bradley Dworkin at website today. Also, avoid these pitfalls when filing for the compensation claim.

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