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Receive Financial Compensation With The Help Of A Product Liability Attorney In Norwich CT

Although it seems like common sense that every product has been thoroughly inspected, various things can still go wrong that cause injuries to the user. Missing safety warnings and faulty craftsmanship can easily lead to serious injuries that require medical assistance. When a product is defective, a personal injury and Product Liability Attorney in Norwich CT should be contacted as quickly as possible.

An individual should never contact the company who made the product to file a complaint of the product. The product should never be returned to the manufacturer because the attorney will need it. An experienced product liability attorney will perform all of the necessary investigations to determine the cause and extent of the injuries an individual received.

How Much Compensation Can A Victim Receive?

An attorney will never provide a victim with a specific amount of compensation they feel the individual will receive. The attorney will be able to provide examples of other cases and similar injuries with the amount of compensation an individual received. If an attorney provides the victim with an exact amount of money, they should contact another attorney for legal representation.


A victim can receive financial compensation that includes payment of medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of wages, and much more. When a victim hires a Product Liability Attorney in Norwich CT, the attorney will review the individual’s injuries, medical bills, and the amount of money they have lost in wages. Individuals can receive a large amount of money for pain and suffering when an injury is very serious.

Wrongful Death

If a victim passes away because of the injuries they received from a faulty product, surviving family members can file a case on behalf of their loved one. Surviving family members might be able to receive compensation for funeral expenses, medical bills, lost wages, loss of companionship and so much more. If the family member relied on the deceased individual for financial support, this would also be taken into consideration.

When you contact Stephen M. Reck, you will receive outstanding legal service from an experienced attorney. Visit the website to learn more about all of the cases he can provide representation for.

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