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Reviewing Circumstances of a Fatality with a Wrongful Death Attorney in Queens County, NY

In New York, wrongful death laws enable families to file a claim for compensation. The monetary award for these claims equate to the funeral expenses, loss of support, and punitive damages. The circumstances of these events must identify avoidable actions. A wrongful death attorney in Queens County, NY, helps families seek justice.

How Did the Fatality Occur?

The first step for these claims is defining how the fatality occurred. Criminal acts provide clear reasoning for the fatality. Alternative circumstances are so cut and dry. For instance, a product’s liability claim indicates death by using a specific product. Auto accidents identify injuries that lead to the death. They require proof that the accident could’ve been stopped. With a medical malpractice, the family must prove negligence.

Fatalities in Medical Malpractice Cases

A fatality caused by a doctor’s negligence must be investigated. The attorney must show where the error originated. They must show an alternative action that could have prevented death. In these cases, the cause could be a lack of skill, refusal to use updated testing options, or administration of the wrong medication. These cases will require the involvement of the hospital board as well as the medical licensing board.

Auto Accident Fatalities

Avoidable circumstances in fatal auto accidents could be DUI, reckless driving, or speeding. A wrongful death case connected to the accident must show how the driver is accountable. Criminal charges filed against the at-fault driver could assist with these cases. A conviction proves their liability.

When Consumer Products Become Deadly

Federal consumer rights laws apply to product’s liabilities. These laws prohibit the release of hazardous products to the public. A fatality linked to a product warrants the need of the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The agency could work with the attorney to gather evidence for the case.

In New York, wrongful death is indicated when a fatality was avoidable. A multitude of circumstances apply to these cases. An attorney must acquire credible evidence to support this claim and acquire compensation for the victim’s family. The families of victims should hire a wrongful death attorney in Queens County, NY, by contacting the Law Office of Steven R. Smith, or visiting them online now.

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