Reviewing Procedures With An Adoption Attorney In Hillsboro, MO

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Lawyers

In Missouri, prospective parents who want to start the adoption process must start by filing a petition. The laws present guidelines that must be followed to become legal parents of a ward of the state. Adoption agencies assist prospective parents in their search to find a child. An Adoption Attorney in Hillsboro MO explains the process further and ensures that the applicants follow all laws completely.

Getting Approval from the Birth Parents

In the adoption process, the agency signs a contract with the birth parents. The agency must permit the birth parents to review all applicants that wish to adopt their child. All details about the applicants are disclosed to the birth parents. The adoptive parents also meet with the birth parents for an interview.

Termination of Parental Rights

The judge must approve the termination of the parental rights. Typically, the birth parents sign documents that terminate their parental rights during an adoption. However, birth parents that are a risk to the child could face termination of their rights through court intervention. Once their rights are terminated, the parents cannot reacquire any rights to the child.

Home Studies and Interviews

Home studies and interviews are scheduled for prospective parents with a caseworker. Information is acquired from the parents about their living conditions, income, and mental health. The caseworker reviews their home and determines if it is suitable according to local laws. The parents receive a notification when they are approved for adoption.

The Formal Adoption Hearing

The court hearing is scheduled once the parents are approved for the adoption. The judge explains the responsibilities of the adoptive parents. The child’s name is changed during the process. Typically, the child’s last name is changed, but the parents can change their entire name if the child approves.

In Missouri, the adoption process allows individuals to become parents who can’t by natural means. The prospective parents can choose a child through an adoption agency. A caseworker helps the birth parents find the most suitable parents for their child. Parents who want to start the process contact an Adoption Attorney in Hillsboro MO or Visit the website for more information now.

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