Reviewing Vital Details with a Medical Negligence Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Lawyers

In Nevada, doctors are held to a strict standard. Federal laws require them to provide the highest standard of care. This standard is based on the oath they took when they bacame a doctor. It is free of prejudices and personal beliefs. The doctor must perform their services based on what is appropriate for the patient without discrimination. When they fail, they are liable for any injuries or errors that occur. A medical negligence attorney in Las Vegas, NV provides the patient with legal representation.

Medical Witnesses for Medical Malpractice

Medical witnesses can determine where and how the error or injury occurred. The medical witness must possess the same credentials as the defendant. This presents the opportunity to evaluate how the procedure was performed. The medical witness explains the steps of the procedure and defines where the defendant went wrong.

Explore How the Error or Injury Occurred

The error or injury cannot relate to a common risk that is associated with the procedure. These risks were disclosed to the patient prior to giving their consent to the doctor. The cause for a medical malpractice is a condition that wasn’t disclosed in the risks. It must show a negligent act.

What Type of Damages Is Available?

The damages provided through a medical malpractice claim start with economic awards. They provide repayment for all medical expenses and financial losses. They can include lost wages as well. The doctor may face punitive damages as a form of punishment for lowering their standard of care. In some cases, it is possible for the doctor to lose their license as well.

Meeting with the Hospital Board Through Mediation

The hospital board arranges a mediation with the patient as an attempt to settle the case out of court. Present in the meeting would be the patient and their attorney, the hospital board and their attorneys, and the doctor. The meeting is an attempt to settle the case out of court.

In Nevada, doctors are required to provide the highest standard of care possible. They must provide this duty to all their patients. They must also disclose all risks associated with procedures prior to performing these services. Patients who need to speak to a medical negligence attorney in Las Vegas, NV can contact Hay Law directly or visit online today.

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