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Seven Steps to Take to Find a Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Chicago

Tenants involved in a dispute over something with their landlord who haven’t been successful getting it resolved may need to contact a real estate attorney. There are a few steps tenants should take when contacting a residential real estate lawyer in Chicago.

Start early

Tenants should start their search as soon as they realize that their landlord isn’t responding to their requests for help. Tenants who wait too long risk running the statute of limitations.

Get advice from others

Renters who know people who have had to hire real estate attorneys should get advice from them first. If they don’t know anyone who’s hired a real estate attorney, they should look at online reviews.

Look for experience

It’s important to find a lawyer who specializes in landlord-tenant matters. Some only have experience dealing with home sales or other real estate transactions, so it’s important to research thoroughly and find out what kind of cases the lawyer they’re considering has handled.

Go online

Once they’ve found a potential attorney, tenants should check their website or Facebook page or check to see if there’s another way to contact them to find out more about their experience.


Select a few attorneys to interview, either on the phone or in person. Before the interview, find out if the attorney charges for the interview and get more information about their background and experience. If the attorney can provide them, tenants should also get names of some of their previous clients.

Read about the attorney

Tenants should try to find articles about the attorney or articles written by them. Look for articles that put the attorney in a good light – If they can’t find any, the attorney may not be a good one to hire.

Get it in writing

Once a potential client has selected an attorney, they should read the letter or agreement they’re given; it provides information on the services the attorney will provide and how much they’ll charge.

Finding a residential real estate lawyer in Chicago who deals with landlord-tenant cases can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Potential clients just need to keep these seven steps in mind and choose the attorney they feel will best handle their case best, whether it’s with Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells or another firm. Follow us on Twitter.

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